Daily Archives: January 22, 2013

Yoga Challenge Day 2!

Just finished my workouts for the day, and I’m feeling a bit like roadkill.

My Yin Yoga routine this morning was focused on the spine, warming up in Caterpillar, then moving on to Butterfly. Although Butterfly is often used as a warm up pose, it gives me a deeper stretch in the sacrum area, which was exactly what I was aiming for today. On the other hand, I get more of an upper back stretch in Caterpillar due to the size of my belly; still, I find that when I let my head hang in this pose, the stretch extends down to the base of the spine. I followed up with Banana, Twists, and Corpse pose. All in all, a highly satisfying practice, especially since it helped loosen the pinch I woke up with in my lower back.

I thought I’d step out of the beaten path for at least a couple of workouts per week and do something other than Yoga. Although I have a stationary bike (yes, I have found ways to enjoy a nice ride indoors), I wasn’t that keen on using it today. So, I opted for a body-weight workout instead. I did Vinyasa with lunge and Warrior variations for about 15′ to warm up, and then went through 2 rounds of 5 exercises performed back-to-back at 12 reps each. It took me no more than 10′ but it was pretty intense. I picked the exercises from Mark Lauren’s Body By You – pulling, squatting, bending, perpendicular pushing (e.g. push-up), and in-line pushing (e.g. overhead press) movements. Although I’ll probably follow the progression as presented in the book, I did adapt the workout format (I favor circuit training over the suggested straight sets). I finished with some static stretching, but I know that I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. Better schedule some restorative Yoga.