Yoga Challenge Day 3!

Just a quick update:

I was a bit sore today around the shoulders, and even more so in the hamstrings. So, instead of my usual Yin Yoga routine this morning, I opted for some foam rolling for the legs and some rehab exercises for the shoulders (my right one was injured last spring, but I am finally close to reestablishing painless range of motion).

My afternoon routine was just over half an hour long and was a bit of a mash-up to help release the hamstrings. I started out in Caterpillar, then spent almost ten minutes in Dragonfly (aka Straddle), staying for time in the right, left, and middle positions. After that, I settled in Baby Dragon for a minute, then spent another minute flowing with the breath between low lunge and runner’s lunge, before finally sinking into Dragon Splits (I use blocks under my pelvis, but that’s deep enough for me). I ended the “work” portion of the session with some reclined strap stretches for the outer hamstrings. I didn’t really feel like doing Shavasana and sitting in meditation, but I did it anyway – I’m OCD like that 😉

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