Daily Archives: January 25, 2013

Yoga Challenge Day 5!

Had a pretty sweet Yoga practice today. After warming up with some spinal stretches (Cat, etc.), I did a nice balance flow through Eagle, Warrior III, Triangle, and Half-Moon. The latter was particularly challenging – I just couldn’t seem to find my center. I finally decided to use a prop, pushing my foot against the wall for added stability. I followed up with a nice Vinyasa with Lunges flow, targeting both the hip flexors with low lunge and Crescent Moon, and the hamstrings with runner’s lunge. I finished with a few rounds of Moon Salutations; I really love this sequence and am considering writing a post on it.

Unfortunately, I had to forgo my afternoon workout due to a massive migraine that hit me out of nowhere (and I was actually well enough for a strength training session too :(). Although one of my goals for this 30-day challenge was to do 2 daily workouts, I don’t see skipping one of them today as a failure. I did manage to get some activity in, and I count that as a success. Besides, I see no reason to waste energy feeling disappointment or guilt for dropping a workout that I was simply unable to perform. How do you allow yourself to feel when you come up against such roadblocks?