Daily Archives: January 26, 2013

Yoga Challenge Day 6!

Wow! Almost one week in and going strong! A quickie update today since it’s already late and I need my beauty sleep ;p

Put in some strength training today (as I’ve mentioned before, I’m following Mark Lauren’s Body By You). The exercises were a tad more challenging than last time, but still doable. Rounded up the session with some Yoga poses for flexibility: Pyramid, Seated Forward Fold, low lunge, runner’s lunge, and I even felt adventurous enough to throw in Hanumanasana (or as close to it as I can get).

Later in the day, I did some foam rolling to help with recovery. Too late, I remembered something coach Greg Everett had said in Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution podcast: he’d suggested foam rolling before strength training to prepare the muscles and ensure better recovery. I think I’ll try that next time.