Daily Archives: January 27, 2013

Yoga Challenge Week 1 Complete!!!

Woohoo! I can’t believe I’ve actually made it this far. I honestly doubted I’d be able to go on with this challenge by myself (hence the decision to blog about it) since every time I would schedule something, my well-laid plans tended to come apart at the seams. This hasn’t been the case with Yoga so far because, basically, there is no structure to my practice – I simply listen to what my body needs each day, and pick what’s most appropriate to meet that need.

After yesterday’s bodyweight workout, I expected I’d be floored today, only it wasn’t nearly that bad. Other than my shoulder rehab exercises, which are progressing nicely, I did a Yin/Yang Yoga mash-up in the morning to do away with any remaining kinks. I used the following sequence:

  • Frog – Wide-legged Child’s Pose for 2′, then Full Frog for remaining 2′ – resting in Child’s Pose afterwards (coming out of Frog is one of the few instances when I feel more comfortable staying in this pose with the knees together, rather than spreading them to accommodate my belly)
  • Sphinx for 4′, resting in Child’s Pose afterwards
  • Half Butterfly for 4′ and Sleeping Swan for 4′, right side first, then left (I think I may have mentioned before that Swan is one of my favorite poses, especially since it helps me gauge and tackle hip imbalances), resting in Down Dog between sides
  • Baby Dragon for 2′ and Runner’s Lunge for 2′ (fairly yang poses, hence the shorter hold time), resting in Child’s Pose between sides
  • Reclining Twists for 4′ on each side

The session was quite a bit longer than the half-hour I usually allocate, but it felt so invigorating I didn’t really mind.

Later in the day, I did some foam rolling to aid recovery, not just for the hamstrings, but the entire leg this time, including quads, IT band, and calves.

Coming up next week, I’m thinking of making a habit out of daily Sun Salutations (at least three cycles per day), maybe after my morning Yin Yoga practice.