Daily Archives: January 28, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Launching Week 2!

Going strong! I woke up this morning and I was hyped. Considering it had taken me 4 days to recover from my first strength training session, I was surprised that my body felt great so soon (2 days) after the second one. Still, I chose to be cautious and let one more day pass before another bodyweight workout. I wanted to do Yoga, but I wanted to be led for a change. So, I went over to YogaVibes, and picked two 60-minute classes for today.

In the morning, I warmed up with a slow vinyasa for 15′, then did a level 1 Iyengar class. Pretty basic stuff: Chair, Eagle, Tree, Triangle, Pyramid, Side Angle, Half Moon, Warrior II, Bridge, and some very juicy twists among others. Although there are times when I am eager to get out of a pose and move on to the next one, I must admit that I like this static kind of practice best. I guess the main reason why is that I am usually unable to follow a led vinyasa class, losing control of the breath about 10 minutes in, and feeling completely wiped after 20 minutes or so. Slow flows practiced at home are the only way that works for me, which means that if I want to do a recorded vinyasa class I like, I need to study the video/podcast, then do the poses at my own pace. A lot of homework is involved and, honestly, I’m not always up for it; so, I opt for less dynamic classes instead.

I did a Yin Yoga class in the evening. In general, we are taught to balance yin and yang, e.g. do Yin Yoga in the morning, as it’s a yang time of day. However, I’ve been feeling wound up tight late at night, even having trouble sleeping. So, I decided to do some Yin Yoga to balance this yang state of mind. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the class I picked, but it was more a matter of personal preference rather than any lack of ability in the teacher. All the Yin Yoga classes I’ve come upon in YogaVibes (they’re not that many to be truthful) are taught in a fairly chatty manner, which I dislike – I like to practice Yin with as little said beyond instructions as possible. There was an interesting sequence, though, that I really appreciated: Baby Dragon to Winged Dragon, to Sleeping Swan. I thought I would start weeping at some point, but my hips were definitely looser coming out – afterwards, I managed to do Square pose with the legs stacked instead of crossed for the very first time! In addition, the practice worked its magic and as I write this my body feels utterly relaxed. I think I’ll be falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow tonight.