Yoga Challenge Day 9

EDIT: The original title was “Yoga Challenge Day 15”, which was obviously a Freudian slip kind of typo. <sigh> Getting ahead of myself.

Despite the fact that I was quite a bit sore today – yesterday’s yoga practice was pretty basic, but still challenging – I went ahead and did a bodyweight workout. Exercises for the legs, back, and shoulders are progressing nicely, but I think I may be hitting a rut soon with pushups.

I went from hands at chest height against a wall to hands at hip height on a bench, and I barely managed to complete the reps. I noticed that I had little problem with the negative (i.e. downward) portion of the movement – it’s the same as in Chatarunga Dandasana – but pushing back to the starting position was hard.

I guess it is after this kind of workouts that progress really happens. I just need to be sure to give my body enough time to recover and not rush into the next workout, as excited about it as I may be.

Had to skip my yoga practice, but a little extra time in some Yin poses tomorrow will suit me perfectly.

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