Yoga Challenge Week 2 Wrap-Up

I started out the day with various aches and pains – lower back, hamstrings – but I guess that’s to be expected after a strength workout. So, I was on full restorative mode today.

In the morning, I repeated yesterday’s mWOD (the 10-minute squat), which just about took care of my lower back stiffness; I also noticed that my ankles were significantly looser. I followed up with rehab exercises for my shoulder, and finished up with mWOD day 2, a hip opener. It actually was like pulling on the back leg from a low lunge position (exactly the kind of pose I was complaining about yesterday!), except that the back calf is flat up against a wall. I couldn’t stretch the hips because my quads were too tight (possibly due to DOMS). However, it wasn’t until I tried the couch variation that I was able to get deep into the hip flexors.

I did a Yin Yoga session in the afternoon that left me energized and kink-free:

  • Butterfly
  • Straddle (sides and middle)
  • Cat pulling its tail
  • Square
  • Twisted Roots

I stayed 3 minutes in each pose, but unfortunately had to skip Shavasana due to lack of space (I had my niece doing the poses along with me, and my room could barely accommodate us both).

It’s been a rather peculiar week. My stress levels must have been rather high, because sleep quality has been low and the pattern irregular. Yoga has helped me keep my energy at decent levels overall, but I feel my mood is on a downward spiral. Upcoming week’s goal is putting in some much needed nap time and cutting out caffeine completely in addition to going from Primal to strict Paleo for at least the remainder of this challenge.

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