Yoga Challenge Day 15

Just a quick update and I’m off to bed. The half way point found me with a tender to the touch left hip (the injured one) from yesterday’s mWOD and sore hamstrings from Yoga. I can understand going overboard stretching the hips since it was the first time doing that particular version of the exercise/pose, but I honestly have no idea how I managed to push my hamstrings past their limits. Yesterday’s sequence involved some hamstring work, but I didn’t really feel any discomfort.

Anyway, no Yoga, no mWOD, and no workout today. Just trying to do something by doing nothing, and helping things along with 2-3 short foam rolling sessions, working mostly the hamstrings, and very gingerly the hips.

As planned, skipped caffeine all day, and had a much needed nap in the afternoon. As for nutrition, although my breakfast was squeaky clean Paleo, my lunch unfortunately was not – we had beat salad, containing full-fat (10%) Greek yogurt, and some rice leftover from yesterday’s meal. Although I have absolutely no compunction throwing away junk food people seem intend on bringing along when visiting, I’d rather push my plan back a day than throw away good food. I know rice is not strictly Paleo/Primal, but the Jaminets allow it and that’s good enough for me. Still, it would be best to eat squeaky clean Paleo for the next 2-4 weeks if I want to shed some weight (dairy seems to be my main issue in that respect).

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