Yoga Challenge Day 16

The second half of this challenge started out with a bang. Feeling much better than yesterday, I spent some time in the morning doing day 3 of mWOD, focusing on the calves. I’m usually rather tight and even sore in that area, but I didn’t expect the muscles to release tension so easily. Left me feeling awesome so this workout will probably be added to my repertoire from now on.

In the afternoon, I did a 70-minute restorative Yoga class taught by Jessica Bellofatto (through YogaVibes) – actually it was the one I’d skipped last week due to overstretching my hamstrings in the opening sequence. I’m glad I decided to give it another go as I learned several new things, including:

  • controlling my ego during strap-assisted hamstring stretches; I can’t get my leg perpendicular to the floor and that’s (finally) okay
  • pushing the hips away from the ribs in reclined twists – I’m pretty sure I was taught that at some point but had forgotten about it
  • pulling the hips back towards the center line in Thread the Needle
  • internally rotating the back leg in Pigeon to square the hips
  • grabbing a block between the hands in Child’s Pose and bending the elbows to bring it over the head (great lat stretch!)
  • placing a block beneath the feet in Reclined Goddess to help the hips externally rotate more

There was a lot of hamstring stretching throughout the entire class, but I don’t believe I overdid it. I tried to stay within my limits at all times, keeping the backs of the knees soft and basically not pushing myself. I used to be really flexible back in the day, so it’s not easy opening my senses to what this “new” body can do (and what it can’t) and pulling back from what I would have considered an easy-as-pie stretch in the past. A great lesson to learn…

2 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge Day 16

    1. Dawn D. Post author

      Glad to head it 🙂 Be sure to let me know how it goes.
      I do a variation of this stretch for my shoulder rehab, pushing the elbow high up against a wall in front of me, letting the forearm drop behind me. But this pose is so much juicier because holding the block between the palms forces each shoulder to stay rotated, using the hand and forearm as a fulcrum.


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