Yoga Challenge Day 19

Went under completely today šŸ˜¦

Although I had to take some ibuprofen last night to be able to sleep, I didn’t want to load my body unnecessarily with NSAIDs, and decided to be a hero and go drug-free for the first time. Ugh, needless to say, I feel terrible and am barely able to move out of bed.

I did manage to pick myself up long enough to do some shoulder rehab exercises and upper body pawanmuktasana. I must admit that the slight discomfort caused by these exercises was enough to take my mind off my aching tummy and lower back for a while, but they also left me exhausted. It’s not as if I’d gone running, but my energy reserves seem non-existent.

I’ll need to research and experiment on this. I hate having to rely on drugs to feel well enough to simply function, even if it’s only for 2-3 days a month.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge Day 19

    1. Dawn D. Post author

      Lol, now that the cramps are gone (after two days), I feel like a ninny, to tell the truth. I cut back NSAIDs by two-thirds, but was in debilitating pain. What did that get me in the end? Was it even worth it? I’ll have to think on that.


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