Yoga Challenge Day 20

Although I felt significantly better, I still decided to postpone my bodyweight workout. The day was pretty hectic, so I opted for a Kripalu Yoga (recorded) class late in the evening to help me unwind. The class was 60 minutes asana practice, with a 15-minute Shavasana at the end. The problem was that I fell asleep… Let me tell you, sleeping on the floor is not comfortable. I woke up after half an hour, and my entire body felt frozen in place, especially my lower back. I spent a few minutes in a squat position to release the tension, then shut everything down and eventually went to bed. I really wanted to give a decent account of the class, and wouldn’t have done it justice if I wrote about it yesterday. So, only slightly delayed, here’s my account on Day 20 🙂

The class put emphasis on forward bends mostly, with only one backbending counterpose. Although I appreciate the inward direction both the body and the mind are guided to in forward bends, when I chose to focus on the latter in my personal sequences, I always intersperse light backbends here and there (say, instead of going through a block of backbending poses as I would in a balanced practice). In the end, all that forward bending loosened me up enough to rest my forehead to my knee in seated, single-leg forward folds with just a soft knee – it’s been a while since I could do that. In addition, I thought it might have been too much for my hamstrings, but I feel no discomfort there today.

We also went through several muscularly demanding poses, such as Warriors, that had me breaking a sweat despite the class being very slow, almost static but not quite. I was happy to notice that my Down Dog has been getting progressively stronger – my breath is not fluttery as it used to be and I can stay in the pose longer. Also, Three-legged Dog doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

Balance poses, however, seemed more challenging than usual last night. I think it was more the fact that there were not poses I’d practiced before, namely forward bend while balancing on one leg, so I felt out of kilter – tracing new neural pathways and all that jive.

Overall, the class was well sequenced and well taught. The instructor was actually doing the sequence along with the students, giving queues and modification tips but not actually moving around to offer adjustments – there was no time, really, since we never stayed in a pose long enough. I enjoyed the class in general, but even more so thanks to this less chatty style of instruction that I appreciate the most.

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