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Yoga Challenge Days 26-27

I spent yesterday doing housework, and although I count that as a workout, I don’t find it an exciting enough subject to blog about.
As for today, after several days of rain (we don’t really get a lot of those), the sun finally decided to put in an appearance, so a walk around the neighborhood for some much-needed vitamin D was in order.
I was still a bit sore from my strength training earlier in the week, especially in the glutes and adductors, but a few minutes spent foam rolling helped. I also put together a quick Yin Yoga sequence to loosen up those same areas:
– 15′ in Straddle (left, right, middle, 5 minutes each)
– 5′ per side in Square, followed by Windshield Wipers
– 5′ in Caterpillar
Finish with a few minutes in Reclined Twists and then Shavasana.


Yoga Challenge Day 25

Today’s workout was purely restorative. I felt pretty whipped and had to take out the big guns (hint: tennis balls!) to get my muscles to loosen up.

I started out with a few rounds of Moon Salutations to get the blood pumping but still keep things relaxed. It’s a really great practice that focuses on side-to-side movement, complementing nicely the back-and-forth movement of Sun Salutations.

I continued with foam rolling, focusing particularly on the adductors – I did side lunges for the first time yesterday, and, believe me, I felt it.

Finally, I had to resort to trigger point therapy, aka tennis ball massage! I was first introduced to this technique in Mark Verstegen’s Core Performance for Women, and was surprised at how effective it is. However, the sensations it produces are so intense as to be near intolerable. So, it’s not a tool I use all that often. When I do, I follow a track from Shiva Rea’s Drops of Nectar CD that offers massage instructions for the glutes and T-spine; I find her soothing voice helps me bear the ordeal long enough to achieve tension release. For those of you interested in the technique, I managed to locate a video describing the process for those exact points:

Yoga Challenge Day 15

Just a quick update and I’m off to bed. The half way point found me with a tender to the touch left hip (the injured one) from yesterday’s mWOD and sore hamstrings from Yoga. I can understand going overboard stretching the hips since it was the first time doing that particular version of the exercise/pose, but I honestly have no idea how I managed to push my hamstrings past their limits. Yesterday’s sequence involved some hamstring work, but I didn’t really feel any discomfort.

Anyway, no Yoga, no mWOD, and no workout today. Just trying to do something by doing nothing, and helping things along with 2-3 short foam rolling sessions, working mostly the hamstrings, and very gingerly the hips.

As planned, skipped caffeine all day, and had a much needed nap in the afternoon. As for nutrition, although my breakfast was squeaky clean Paleo, my lunch unfortunately was not – we had beat salad, containing full-fat (10%) Greek yogurt, and some rice leftover from yesterday’s meal. Although I have absolutely no compunction throwing away junk food people seem intend on bringing along when visiting, I’d rather push my plan back a day than throw away good food. I know rice is not strictly Paleo/Primal, but the Jaminets allow it and that’s good enough for me. Still, it would be best to eat squeaky clean Paleo for the next 2-4 weeks if I want to shed some weight (dairy seems to be my main issue in that respect).

Yoga Challenge Day 4!

I really didn’t feel like working out today. Isn’t the whole point of Yoga is listening to what our bodies are telling us (or occasionally screaming at us)? So, I focused on recovery through self-massage, but couldn’t help throwing in a few poses in the mix as well.

My hamstrings were still sore after Tuesday’s Good Mornings (I really need to work on my posterior chain), so I did some foam rolling that brought tears of relief to my eyes. DOMS in the chest area was all but gone, but I still did some rehab exercises for my shoulder as well as upper body pawanmuktasana.

I didn’t have anything specific planned when I sat down for Yoga this evening after another foam rolling session. I did some Yin Yoga ala Paul Grilley, namely 2 rounds (didn’t feel like going for more) of Caterpillar, Butterfly, and Half-Butterfly, staying 2-3 minutes in each pose (went with my gut rather than a timer).

I thought I’d be able to fit in 3 strength training sessions per week, but apparently my body can’t recover that fast yet. Hoping I’ll feel well enough to squeeze in another bodyweight workout tomorrow.